17 Inspirational Alexa Bliss Quotes On Success

Alexa Bliss quotes

Alexa Bliss is an American professional wrestler who is currently attached to WWE. She joined WWE in 2013 where she assigned to their performance center and  developmental brand NXT. In 2016, Bliss got attachment with SmackDown where she became two times champion and got the title of first woman to hold the record twice. She and Nikki Cross are also the first two-time Women’s Tag Team Champions in WWE history, making Bliss the second Women’s Triple Crown Champion. In 2018, she won both the second women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and first women’s Elimination Chamber match. Here we have collected 17 inspirational Alexa Bliss quotes that will inspire you and lead you towards success and help you achieve your dreams. Read these Alexa Bliss quotes and enjoy yourselves. May you live long!

1 – I enjoy seeing how many boos I can get. Alexa Bliss

2 – It doesn’t matter how much time you do in NXT; you never stop learning. Alexa Bliss

3 – Everyone wants to be inclusive in the Women’s Evolution. Alexa Bliss

4 – My dad is the biggest Lexie fan – ever since I was in gymnastics, he went to ever gymnastics meet, every cheer competition, every bodybuilding show. Alexa Bliss

5 – When I debuted at NXT, I was naive, and look where it got me. I was overlooked and underestimated. Alexa Bliss

6 – I had watched wrestling grow up. I found it amazing. I loved watching wrestling. Alexa Bliss

7- Bodybuilding helped me to realize that I don’t have to look like the girls in the magazines and that it’s OK to feel good about my curves. Alexa Bliss

8 – I’d like to wrestle for as long as I can. Alexa Bliss

9 – I like to say whatever comes to mind when I am in the ring and work off the reaction from the crowd. Alexa Bliss

10 – NXT prepares you for literally everything for the main roster. They probably over-prepare you. Alexa Bliss

11 – Everyone wants to be inclusive in the Women’s Evolution. Alexa Bliss

12 – When it was time for me to get in the ring, I was ready. Alexa Bliss

13 – It was a lot of fun working with Braun Strowman. Alexa Bliss

14 – I feel like it’s harder to perform in front of a smaller crowd sometimes still than it is a larger crowd. Alexa Bliss

15 – A lot of my inspiration comes from everyday people. Alexa Bliss

16 – You have to constantly change and evolve because people get bored. Look at The Undertaker: he’s evolved so many times. Alexa Bliss

17 – I don’t really consider myself a celebrity. Alexa Bliss

Final Words:

The final words about Alexa Bless quotes are that she is an iron lady who never wants to lose even a single game. imbued with inspiration and passion, she is a source of motivation for all young players of wrestling around the globe. She is satisfied with what she is in her life and this is the first step to achieve your goals and dreams. So, her beautiful quotes are extremely fruitful for all human beings on the planet.

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