27 Inspirational Thomas Muller Quotes On Success

Thomas Muller quotes

Which are your favorite Thomas Muller quotes?

Thomas Muller is a German professional footballer who renders his services as a midfielder or forward for both Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Germany national team. He is famous for his versatile roles like  an attacking midfielder, second striker, centre forward and on either wing. He is also considered as one of the best off-the-ball players of all time. Muller has achieved many awards and achievements in his career. He scored five goals in FIFA Cup 2010 and Germany took third position in the tournament and he achieved the award of Golden Boot for top goal score.In FIFA cup 2014, he helped his team win the trophy with his precious five goals.

Here is a collection of 27 inspirational Thomas Muller quotes on success.

1 – If you raise your gaze, you don’t see the boundaries anymore. Thomas Muller

2 – I still trust my penalty sytem and will be there when I’ll be needed. Thomas Muller

3 – Even if you play well, you can lose, and vice versa. Thomas Muller

4 – Victory comes first because winning is the most important thing in football. Thomas Muller

5 – I define myself by efficiency and straightforwardness. Thomas Muller

6 – You can’t forget it is a business and not just playing football for a hobby. Thomas Muller

7 – Footbal is a sport with huge potential. Thomas Muller 

8 – You can’t compare my game with Messi’s, Neymar’s, or  Ronaldo’s. Thomas Muller

9 – I just try not to pretend to be something I’m not. Thomas Muller

10 – We are footballers, not artists. Thomas Muller

11 – In football, you always look forward, and it’s about the next game you play. Thomas Muller

12 – The pressure is always there with Bayern, but we can cope with it. Thomas Muller

13 – I’m a mix between a striker and a midfielder. Thomas Muller

14 – I know that I can play in the middle, on the right, or up front. Thomas Muller

15 – As professionals, you always have to perform to the top of your ability. Thomas Muller

16 – I have to work hard and give my all in games and training sessions. Thomas Muller

17 – I don’t take the ball in the middle of the pitch and dribble past six guys. Thomas Muller

18 – You can’t always expect us to trash our opponents. Thomas Muller

19 – There is no room for selfish behaviour at Bayern. Thomas Muller

20 – It’s quite a feeling to be living your dream, and it seems easy to be like I am. Thomas Muller

21 – In this system, I’ve always played in the position behind the striker. I also don’t enjoy being classed as a striker – I don’t see myself as one. Thomas Muller

22 – I am Thomas Muller, and I want to be like me. Thomas Muller

23 – Ronaldo and Messi, in particular, are above everybody else. Thomas Muller

24 – What’s good for you one day will not necessarily still be good for you the day after. Thomas Muller

25 – I think that Guardiola only wants victory and perfection. Thomas Muller

26 – The pressure is always there with Bayern, but we can cope with it. Thomas Muller

27 – The titles that I have won at a young age are a further inspiration to work hard to continue to be successful. Thomas Muller

Final Words:

The last and final words about Thomas Muller quotes are that live a life like Thomas Muller who is a super star in the field of football. Like him, take the inspiration from your young age victories and do not compare yourselves with other persons because you are the best stuff of the world. Your responsibility is to perform the best even in the worst conditions if you want to be successful. May you live long!

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