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Seth Rollins quotes

Seth Rollins is an American professional wrestler and is famous for his ability to reinvent himself. After winning many accolades, he is considered one of the best wrestlers of the world. His biggest victory is to beat Roman Reigns and John Cena back to back in the same night on Raw, in a record hour and five minutes. He has also achieved the 2014 Money in the Bank winner, the 2015 Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year and the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble. Here we have collected 37 most beautiful Seth Rollins quotes that will inspire you and lead you towards a bright future. Read these Seth Rollins quotes and enjoy yourselves. May you live long!

1 – I try not be an evil doer on the Internet. Seth Rollins

2 – Most of my workouts happen by myself because I travel so much. Seth Rollins

3 – Social media is great in some ways – if we’re able to spread good messages. Seth Rollins

4 – I’m not an egg whites guy. I can’t deal with egg whites. I need the flavor of the yolk, and I like the fat of it as well. Seth Rollins

5 – We’re not telling you we’re out there fighting each other. We’re going out there to entertain you. Seth Rollins

6 – I’ve got a good set of eyeballs on me, so I can spot talent. Seth Rollins

7 – I’ve always prided myself on doing different types of matches with different opponents. Seth Rollins

8 – I perform better under pressure. If I go out there, and I’m not nervous, and I’m too relaxed, I don’t like that vibe. I like big matches. I like pressure situations. Seth Rollins

9 – There’s always room to mend broken hearts, I suppose. Seth Rollins

10 – I do my best work alone. I travel alone a lot. Seth Rollins

11 – My favorite thing is to just run into fans coincidentally. Seth Rollins

12 – I’m as talented as they come. I would have success in any era. Seth Rollins

13 – I honestly think my top moment, personally, was main eventing ‘Hell in the Cell’ because of what that meant overall in the grand scheme of things. Seth Rollins

14 – If you’re not learning, then you’re stagnant. If you’re stagnant, then you’re not evolving and the business isn’t progressing. Seth Rollins

15 – I love tag team wrestling. I’ve loved it my whole life. Seth Rollins

16 – I know it’s kind of cliche, but my favourite is still the first ‘Hell in a Cell. Seth Rollins

17 – One thing I never thought I would get to do is end up on ‘The Daily Show,’ not once, but twice. Seth Rollins

18 – I’m well-versed on the mat, but I can pick up people much bigger than me. Seth Rollins

19 – As long as the title’s on the line, that’s the match I want to be in. Seth Rollins

20 – I was lucky enough at a young age to find out what I had a passion for, but whatever you’ve got a curiosity for, just give it a shot. Seth Rollins

21 – The joke we always say is that WWE doesn’t pay us to wrestle, they pay us to travel. Seth Rollins

22 – My brother and I would wrestle in my grandparents’ living room; that was our spot. Seth Rollins

23 – The style is getting faster and faster. The athletes are getting better and better. The future is pretty bright for WWE. Seth Rollins

24 – I’m a huge proponent of eating real food and eating a lot if it. Seth Rollins

25 – Any time you have significant injury, it is about the perspective, how you attack it. Seth Rollins

26 – Summerslam was a huge part of my childhood. Seth Rollins

27 – Getting to share the ring with guys I idolized is never going to stop being surreal for me. Seth Rollins

28 – Wrestling fans are usually pretty passionate, but Philly is one of the cities that takes that to a different level. Seth Rollins

29 – The Pedigree was something that I feel very fortunate to have it as a finisher. Seth Rollins

30 – I am determined and never give up. Ever. I always do my best. Seth Rollins

31 – If you’re not learning, then you’re stagnant. If you’re stagnant, then you’re not evolving and the business isn’t progressing. Seth Rollins

32 – I’m not mean to fans because I’m a bad guy. I’m mean to them because they’re rude. Seth Rollins

33 – You just can’t be someone else all the time; you just have to be you sometimes. Seth Rollins

34 – I consider myself an athlete. I train like an athlete, I eat like an athlete, I recover and get sore just like any other athlete. Seth Rollins

35 – I love telling the stories that we tell. I love playing the characters that we play. Seth Rollins

36 – Fake is, like, the worst word you could possibly use to describe anything, you know? Seth Rollins

37 – My styles range quite a bit. I go for an all-around kind of fan. Never wanted to be the dude that could do one thing. I wanted to be the guy that could hang with anybody. Seth Rollins

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